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Providing relief through quality extracted Cannabidiol

Who is A-1 Extracts?

Nathan Likens - CEO

Nathan has envisioned the development of A-1 Extracts for years. He worked in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry before graduating from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Biotechnology. In the years following he gained experience working in both the public and private sector of the biotech industry. Nathan's tenure in the industry allowed him to learn the ins and outs of the regulatory framework necessary to operate.  Nathan's innate love of science is what drives his need to be innovative and disregard gimmicks or unsubstantiated claims. 

Nicholas Naylor - COO

Nick is an advocate of all things cannabis and it is a true passion of his. Prior to partnering with Nathan to form A-1 Extracts, Nick spent several years in the cannabis industry in Colorado. He accumulated experience working with commercial extraction systems before moving back to his home state of Georgia to bring his expertise to A-1 Extracts.


Why A-1 Extracts

Benefits of CBD


 Endocannabinoids are suggested to play an important role in major depression, generalized anxiety and bipolar disorders and they are involved in mood and related disorders, and its activity may be modified by exogenous cannabinoids (i.e. CBD) 

Pain Management

A study which evaluated the role of CBD as an alternative for opioids found that over half of the patients reduced or completely eliminated their opioid use within 8 weeks


CBD has proven to be an effective treatment for individuals suffering with epilepsy, and was the catalyst for legalization in Ga


Many athletes choose to use CBD to help with inflammation and muscle soreness following exercise or competition. Additionally, preliminary studies suggest CBD has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory actions on immune cells.

A-1 Extracts Guarantee

A-1 Extracts uses top of the line laboratory equipment to ensure quality and consistency. All of our products go through in-house testing for contamination and potency. Our customers can be assured they are getting a pure high quality product every time. What you see on the label is what you get.


At A-1 Extracts, we are aware of the potential health benefits of CBD. We are also aware of the unproven benefits many companies put on their products which claim to treat or cure various illnesses. A-1 Extracts supports real, peer- reviewed research, and we will never claim our product is capable of something that has not been proven.

Comes with a dropper for easy, accurate dosing. Place sublingually (under the tongue)




Pure CBD in crystalline form. Can be added to your favorite beverage or mixed in with your food.




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